Year Two of Study and Struggle for Hawaiʻi Abolitionists

Year two of Study and Struggle
Schedule for year two of Study and Struggle

Last September two of my friends and comrades, Laurel and Leilani, and I collected a group of friends to participate in the first ever Study and Struggle program. Study and Struggle was established as a Mississippi-based abolitionist program combining organizing with political education where we meet twice a month to discuss readings and actions we can take to work toward abolition. We were so inspired by our conversations, discussions, and ideas about potential actions and organizing opportunities every meeting that we eventually decided to form an abolitionist political organization called the Hawaiʻi Abolition Collective (I wrote about our forming here back in December!) focusing on building toward a Hawaiʻi without prisons, policing, militarism, and racial capitalism. Our first moves as a collective were directed toward gathering in solidarity with incarcerated loved ones who were suffering from COVID. We met outside of the largest jail in Oʻahu—the Oʻahu Community Correctional Center—and then in front of the Hawaiʻi Paroling Authority. We’ve built comradeship over the past almost year and we’ve also struggled through conflict, so we’ve mostly been quietly establishing internal protocol and revisiting what we want our purpose to be as a collective. One of the best ways to reemerge in the community now is by taking part in year two of the Study and Struggle program. This year the Fall curriculum is split into four parts: Intersectional—Relationships and Community Care, Green—Land and Climate Justice, Red (anti-capitalist)—Class and Revolution, and International—Nation and State. We opened the group to anyone and everyone willing to take part in revolutionary discussions, webinars, and readings, and we’re hoping to build our capacity among community members we might not know. Abolition is for and requires everyone and especially in this time where everything is scary and uncertain, there seems like no better idea than to organize and struggle alongside each other for a world we want to live in.