Write Like It’s Your Job

My sister has always been the writer in the family. My earliest memories are of us carrying around similar notebooks for different purposes- mine contained clothing sketches while she crafted a new world in hers. Over a decade later I’ve given up my dreams of fashion design (while still loving fashion) but Megan is still the same author we always knew she would become. My notebook of today isn’t covered in glitter and stickers but instead consists of football statistics, player profiles, original song drafts, letters, cards and the deeper thoughts I can’t publish on this blog. Bound in Italian leather and the stains of life experiences, these pages have become a time capsule where my stream of consciousness can run free. The biggest piece of advice I have for keeping a scrapbook/journal is to just write. Jot down that non-profit idea you have even if it seems impossible to accomplish. Keep track of every song that makes you feel like you’re floating in a vat of chocolate pudding. Record that experience that you want to forget about forever and then burn the page. Just write like it’s your job. I promise you won’t regret it.