World Mental Health Day 2019

World mental health day

I probably don’t need to constantly reiterate my passion for mental health awareness and advocacy, but I’m going to do it anyway! I recently wrote about my therapist and why I make weekly appointments to discuss my anxiety and depression, which has been incredibly beneficial. And it wasn’t until I became more comfortable with and accepting of my mental illnesses did I start to open up with others about the struggles I’m facing and what steps I’m taking to tackle them. Today’s World Mental Health Day aims to raise awareness about mental illnesses and specifically focus on preventing suicides around the world. It can be easy to forget that mental illness isn’t specific to people in one country, but it prominently affects citizens across the globe, which is why World Mental Health Day in 2019 is so important to recognize and acknowledge. Personally, I’ve found myself becoming overwhelmed by all of the injustices around the world even more than I’ve felt before, so seeking help from my licensed psychologist is one of my top priorities. Thankfully, the Millenial generation (of which I am a part) is actively working to de-stigmatize what previous generations had to struggle through. Instead of focusing solely on how detrimental mental illnesses can be and why everyone should take the same steps to combat any harm they perpetuate, I wanted to celebrate World Mental Health Day by sharing my own progress made in an effort to remind myself that mental health can constantly be worked on and improved. I still get anxious in most social situations and when I’m excessively stressed or worried and my depression hasn’t gone away, but attending therapy sessions and honestly speaking with others about my healing process has made me more than my mental illnesses. I’ve learned techniques that help me slowly calm down when I feel an anxiety attack coming on and work through my feelings without adding to my feelings of unease. On this World Mental Health Day, I also want to praise all of the people around the world who are actively living with mental illness without letting it define them. I hope that one day we’ll all have access to mental health resources so we can all improve our emotional selves.