Working on My Fitness

I’m clearly not Fergie (RIP emotionally after that national anthem debacle), but I have been spending more time in the gym lately as I set a weight loss goal I must meet before graduation. I truly despise gym settings because, even though they’re not, I always feel like people are judging or staring at me while I struggle through my lack of fitness. However, I decided to push through the awkward and buy a Planet Fitness membership with my friend Rachel. The best part of joining a gym with a friend is keeping each other accountable to meet up and actually work out. When I would rather sleep all day (and believe me, I have!!) or eat my way through another season of Insecure, I spend an hour lifting weights and doing cardio with Rachel. Okay, so some days we do miss our workouts due to insane loads of homework or pure exhaustion, but we’ve been going around three times per week together and it’s been a lot of fun! Aka we hate every part until we’re finished. While my goal is ultimately to lose some of the weight I gained from too much chick-fil-a, not enough sleep, and bouts of anxiety and depression (but no excuses here), I want to build muscle and get rid of as much flabby bits as possible. I would rather not accidentally take flight every time I wave at someone or feel the cookie pouch that used to be my waist flop over my jeans. I’m sure you all appreciate those images. I mainly just want to feel better about myself before I become a full ass adult. Rachel and I have been completing a few simple weight routines every week, but I’m looking for more suggestions of how we can mix up our work outs and not plateau. If anyone has any tips for weight training and how to avoid weird men trying to “fix” our techniques, please let me know!