Why Ted Talks Are Important

I’ve been watching Ted talks since I watched my first clip in AP English 11. I wondered why people would choose to watch taped speeches rather than football highlights or makeup videos, but once I saw my first lecture, I was hooked. Each Ted talk features a creative speaker who shares their thoughts on culture, social issues, environmental changes, LGBTQ+ rights, racial inequality, personal growth, and more. Some of my favorite videos have expanded my knowledge of what different people experience everyday and how, more often than not, our similarities outweigh our disparities. Other videos reinforce my beliefs and provide added statistics and conversation points that I can mold in my own arguments. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite lectures thus far!

If I Should Have a Daughter by Sarah Kay

Poetry in Maximum Security Prison by Phil Kaye

Why I’m Done Trying to be “Man Enough” by Justin Baldoni

Do Schools Kill Creativity? by Sir Ken Robinson

What if Gentrification was About Healing Communities Instead of Displacing Them? by Liz Ogbu

The Human Stories Behind Mass Incarceration by Eve Abrams

Why I Choose Humanism Over Faith by Leo Igwe