Why I’m Voting for Bernie Sanders in 2020

Voting for Bernie Sanders

If you’ve been around this site since 2016, you’d have read multiple posts about my support for Bernie Sanders during his first run for president (in that especially horrid time). Bernie’s campaign was the first I’d followed (discovered via a Tumblr thread, no shame) that actually made me interested in the world of politics, while also revealing how truly corrupt the system is (remember when the DNC called the primary race for Hillary before California even voted?? Never forget). I was devastated when he ended his race, but understood that his time in the Senate was just as important as any higher office. However, I didn’t continue closely following Bernie as much as I originally did until the 2020 campaign trail officially started. I didn’t openly declare whether I’d be voting for Bernie in the 2020 primaries, as I was also interested in Elizabeth Warren and even for one second (please don’t murder me, I’m so disgusted by myself already)…Mayo Pete Buttigieg the little white devil. Thankfully, I abandoned all research into Peter’s background and policies as soon as I regained control of my brain and learned what a corporate snake he is. I also decided against voting for Warren when I heard about her appropriation/false declaration of Native American heritage as well as her statements on incarcerated people and denying their right to vote.

Bernie however, has once again earned me voting for him because he has never wavered on any of his lifetime stances: social and financial equity for all people despite sex, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or race; every person with a uterus’ right to choose what happens to their body; heavily taxing Wall Street and the top 1%; free college tuition; getting big money out of politics; combating climate change; raising the minimum wage; housing as a human right; peace over war; federal recognition and support of both native Americans and native Hawaiians; giving every incarcerated person the right to vote; and fighting to end mass incarceration. The DNC has actively worked against the interests of most people in society (Bernie has consistently been the most supported politician in America and is mostly adored by people of color) because voting for Bernie means we’re no longer relying on the Democratic party as it currently is (aka corrupt, racist, just as bad as the Republicans), but that hasn’t stopped him yet. Bernie is running for President of the United States this year because he truly and sincerely cares about people and wants to make the world a better place. Of course, he and every other politician will never save us or be perfect in any way, but his policies will help those who need it. He will work his ass off to make society more equitable and just for all, not just the rich and white. I’m voting for Bernie Sanders again in the 2020 primaries and I hope you’ll join me as we chase the White House!