Why I See My Therapist Once A Week

A view outside my once a week therapy session

I’ve frequently talked about my passion for therapy and how I believe everyone should have a psychologist for the past year, but it wasn’t until this summer did I start going to once a week sessions with my new therapist. I’ve been going to therapy since I was a senior in high school and struggled immensely with panic attacks and anxiety. I didn’t know exactly what I was experiencing or why I always felt so upset and worried no matter what situation I was in. Thankfully, seeing a therapist recommended to me by my family helped me work through the almost weekly panic attacks I was suffering through and those coping mechanisms quickly calmed me down. However, I wasn’t seeing my then-therapist once a week and instead only went to her once or twice every time I returned home from college. Despite my freshman and junior years at Baylor being extremely distressing and causing me to spiral through depression, I avoided the school-provided once a week counseling sessions I could have gone to and wrote through my pain instead. Now that I’m home from school, I switched to a new therapist who I adore and have been seeing her at least once a week for the past month. I’ve struggled a lot since I came home, so working through my insecurities and depression has been immensely beneficial to my mental health. I truly believe that counseling and therapy sessions should be free to all people because they provide a non-judgmental, helpful outlet to express everything that’s been bottled up. Although my new job has lessened my stress load, I still want to continue my once a week visits to my therapist so I can continue working through the grief and trauma I’ve experienced since I was a kid. I highly recommend the same for everyone else! If you need a therapist and are unaware of where to find one, check out Psychology Today for a list of psychologists in your area!