When Dad Came to Town

Going to a university that’s 3,500 miles away from home has been a hard adjustment to make. I won’t be able to go home for long weekends or on short breaks, unlike my classmates. Not seeing my family members until Christmas is a part of my choice to go to a school in Texas. Luckily enough, I got to see my dad this past weekend and it was incredible! I’m so blessed that my parents are willing to come and visit me whenever they can, even if it means spending extra money on a plane ticket. Dad arrived in Waco late Friday night and stayed until Sunday morning. Even though I was busy with band and the football game against Rice, we got to spend time together and with some of dad’s friends. I also convinced him to bring me a bento from Tanioka’s on his way over! Seeing my dad this weekend made it my favorite in Waco thus far!