What’s in my Tote Bag? – Fall 2016

I’ve always loved snooping through my sister and mom’s bags to see what goodies they were carrying around. My mom would regularly keep bags of bubble gum or candy in her bag along with any item I would ever need (i.e.: ibuprofin, toothpicks, hairbrush, etc). I still love learning about the contents of women’s purses, which is why I love the “what’s in my bag” blog tag.

This installment features a new favorite everyday bag. My “aloha & mahalo” tote is from Red Pineapple in Ward Warehouse and I love it! Totes are so easy to use for school and outside activities because I can just chuck in anything I want to carry and go. My Barnes & Noble leather notebook is always with me as I keep all of my football information and life notes inside. My notebook is my most prized possession and I make sure to transfer it from bag to bag. My Kate Spade Cedar Street Darla wallet is another one of my must-haves. The strawberry wallet carries all of my cash, cards and change as well as my apartment keys. I like to carry my Bluesband harmonica around in case I feel the need to break out in song and dance (or if I want to contribute to a concert). The Canon S120 is my vlogging camera of choice, which I keep in my bag if I want to document any events or activities. My zippered makeup bag houses all of my essential beauty products such as concealer, an eyebrow pencil, mascara, lipstick and powder. As I’ve been working at all of my school football games, I make sure to keep my credentials on hand at all times. I also carry a pencil/pen and rubber bands just in case.