What’s in My Patchwork Bag?

My patchwork bag

My bag collection has grown significantly since I first started This Is Noelle “what’s in my bag” posts (read the lot of them here!) as I’ve acquired catchalls from the likes of Madewell, Rebecca Minkoff, Coach, Kate Spade, Ross (see my beloved green rubber bag and its contents in this post), and Poshmark. Two of my most recent and favorite purses I purchased were from Poshmark—my yellow The Sak bag I’ve worn over and over (seen here) and this giant patchwork leather tote that could somehow fit everything I own and more inside! And while I adore the inner workings and components of the patchwork bag, the outside shell and bag decorations are some of my favorite parts! I learned everything I know about bag charms and decor from Heather Hurst aka pigmami who decorates and adorns her bags like art. I’ve taken a liking to the same practice by covering all of my catchalls with tied scarves, necklaces, and other bag charms like my Kaja Jelly Charm and the classic hand sanitizer. These decorations look precious with all of my purses, but blend especially well with the variegated colors of my patchwork bag.

Starting from top left clockwise, I have my new Day Designer weekly monthly planner where I plan my weeks on an hourly basis (I LOVE a vertical hourly planner and most stationary brands don’t make them!) and my hardcover notebook I fill with my rambling thoughts, poems, notes, and pictures. I stopped writing in my journal for a while (last seen here maybe?), but I hopped back into the practice so I can stop streaming my consciousness at my partner and/or my mom every day! I’ve been using my mom’s Madewell zip wallet (similar here) for many, many moons, and it’s still my favorite pouch! It has three card slots and lots of room for cash, coins, and a picture of my best friend Jonathan. A common theme in my patchwork purse is pills and snacks, and I always have a Built puff protein bar (puff versions ONLY—I hate the regular type) for nibbling when I’m hungry and aggressive, and next to my Built bar is a little baggie of Tylenol (my partner insists I have this just in case). Since I started journaling and planning again, I have an endless supply of colorful pens and highlighters to color code absolutely everything. In my planner, yellow is for work; pink is for birthdays or special events; blue is for days off; green is for gatherings; orange is for appointments; and the pen colors vary depending on the situation. I always have an external phone charger and phone cord because my phones tend to die quickly, so I have this Anker Power Bank for 3-4 additional charges. My parents gave me the Baylor zip pouch from catstudio, which I fill with my medicines (Pepto Bismol quite literally always since I’m a chronic gastritis + motion sick gal), gum, Tide to-go, Visine, house keys on my Baylor keychain and tiny Stanley measuring tape, (I often have glitter or cat hair in my eye), AirPods, Covergirl Trublend Powder, Elf 16 Hr Camo Concealer in Light Beige, and my favorite every day lip products: Revlon Kiss Balm in Sweet Cherry and Berry Burst! Finally since I said I’m always hungry and searching for snacks, I have a Big Island Candies brownie and fruit mentos!


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