What’s in My Madewell Work Bag?

Work bag contents

I’ve been working at my real adult job for almost two months, so it seems like an appropriate time to share the contents of my work bag! Just as I did in college, I’m using my beloved Madewell The Transport Tote, which comes in the most beautiful saddle brown color and is perfect for every situation. The tote is made of soft leather, which scratches fairly easily, but I kind of enjoy the worn-in look for my everyday bag. I think this bag is an essential for every working person because it not only fits an outrageous amount of belongings, but also has a zipper!! Ever since I started conducting outreaches and attending conferences for work, I’ve packed my work bag with at least one book to read when I have down time. I just started Until We Reckon by Danielle Sered, which truly is one of the most essential pieces of literature today. The book focuses on violent crimes and how they and the people who commit them fit in the discussion of criminal justice reform. Every time I discuss prison abolition with people, they ask what we’ll do with the r*pists and murderers, so the book is a helpful tool to combat these harmful and inaccurate beliefs. I of course also included my notebook aka my most prized possession and I would truly die inside my body if it were lost (I wrote a short story about this exact scenario for my class and I still have PTSD from it). It’s important in a field like Legal Aid, to always bring a small notebook to take notes in over the phone and to have during outreaches, so I have a small one from Rifle Paper Company that I love using. The basic necessities I always have are my phone charger, a pack of floss because no one wants lunch remnants sticking in their teeth, my small solid perfume, headphones (so I can listen to Jojo all day), a pencil case, and my makeup bag. The last item I keep in my work bag is my eyeglasses because they have blue light filter, so I don’t feel nauseated or exhausted while using my computer all day!