What’s in my Carry On?

I’m going on a week-long trip to Washington for spring break and I challenged myself to pack only a carry on suitcase (also a backpack but that doesn’t count). Every trip I’ve taken in the past, I used regular size luggage, but I thought I could accomplish the feat this time despite weather in the 30’s. After watching dozens of packing/traveling with a carry on videos, I discovered the key is downsizing. I always overpack and end up not wearing half the clothes I bring (I just like having options, okay?), so this time, I brought just the right amount of pieces. I’m taking two pairs of jeans (black J.Crew high-rise, blue Everlane mid-rise), one sweater, five blouses, one dress, one pair of heels, two bras, 10 underwear (just in case), and my Japanese textbook to study. I’ll also wear a sweater, leggings, combat boots, and a heavy jacket on the plane to minimize what I need in the actual luggage. The hardest part of packing was stuffing all of my toiletries and makeup products in different ziploc and Glossier bags, but I need everything right? In my backpack, I’m adding all of my essentials: laptop, notebook, novel/poetry book, vlogging camera, everyday makeup, toothbrush kit, water bottle, scarf, neck pillow, chargers, wallet, perfume, extra underwear (in case my bag gets taken by accident), and lots of snacks! Now let’s hope I’m not forgetting anything/accidentally packing one of my pocket knives!