What’s In My Beach Bag

When I’m at school in America for eight months out of the year, I miss Hawaiʻi’s translucent teal beaches and lush mountains the most. On any free day, I can be found in the water with Brandon, pre food-induced kanak attack and post hike. I’ve established a satisfying collection of products and must haves for days where sunburns and sand are involved. Mikayla made me this tote bag when I left for college and I still use it every week! I toss in the pareu Kaiʻolu bought for me from Tahiti as I use it as a coverup, hair wrap, blanket, or towel. Sunscreen is an essential since I always burn easily. I love the Hawaiian Tropic Sport Sunscreen because it’s lightweight, non greasy, and smells sweet instead of the traditional chemical scent. I bring my vlogging camera even though I sometimes collect videos on my iPhone instead. I enjoy having both options! I’ll bring a facial mist and lip balm to both refresh and protect my skin. My glittery Kate Spade sunglasses are my favorite form of eyewear and I especially love how they pair with my pareu. No matter where I go or what bag I’m using, I always have three items: money, my makeup case, and my beloved journal. Those three almost live on my body, so of course they’re found next to me and the sea. Brandon and I often lie in the sun for hours on end, so I’ll bring a book to keep my productivity rates high. My current favorite is Just Mercy by one of my heroes, Bryan Stevenson. Now when’s my next day off?