What’s In My Bag?

Hi guys! I’m back today with a “What’s In My Bag”. I always love reading these types of posts and watching these videos, so I thought I would try it out! I hope you guys enjoy!

Let’s start out with my bag. I have a Kate Spade “Catherine Street Pippa” which is currently on sale! I saw this purse and I immediately fell in love with the retro, classic style. I really like the mix of the pale pink and the black handles. The leather is incredibly soft and the color is beautiful. It’s a really good size and it fits comfortably on my arm.

One of my favorite aspects of Kate Spade’s purses is the inside fabric! They all have a cute design in the inside. As you can see, my purse has black bows against a white fabric, which I think is adorable! Let’s dig in!

I don’t keep a ton of things in my purse, but I tend to keep the essentials: wallet, phone, makeup bag, and a few extras!

 I got this wallet/cell phone case from Target before Easter and I love it! I really like how I can keep all of my essential things in it and carry it around if I need to. The robin’s egg blue is a beautiful color and I love how the blue stands out in my pale pink bag! I usually keep a few gift cards, money, state ID, blotting sheets, coupons, samples, and my house key in my wallet. 

Next up is my digital camera. Although I use my phone to take most pictures, I like to keep this in my bag just in case! I have the Nikon Coolpix camera, which takes really good photos and is lightweight!

This may seem silly to carry around in a purse, but I love my harmonica! I like to take this out if I hear a good song and I try to learn it on the spot. It’s so fun and reminds me of my trip to Texas, where I bought this at a Cracker Barrel restaurant! (My favorite place to eat, ever!)

I got these (huge) sunglasses from Nordstrom BP and I love them! They pretty much cover my whole face and they fit very comfortably!

I carry around this guitar pick just in case. I might need it for playing, or just in case someone else needs it! 

This is my favorite gum ever! I always have candy or gum in my bag, which isn’t the healthiest. Oh well! I love sugary sweet gums and this one is so good!

This is my conference manual from the Hillsong Conference I went to last summer in Australia. That was the best trip of my life and I like to carry this around as a souvenier!

This is probably the most exciting things in my bag! My mom gave me this Tory Burch makeup bag the other day and I absolutely love it! I love the size and the fact that it’s patent makes it easy for cleanups. It fits all of my makeup nicely and securely so that I don’t have to worry about my makeup floating around and (potentially) spilling all over my purse. I’m going to do a separate post going through my makeup bag tomorrow as to not fill up space in this post! You might notice the colorful bottle on the top of my makeup that reads “Live Colorfully”. It’s my new Kate Spade rollerball perfume that I will be doing a review on very soon!

Last but not least, I always keep a journal in my bag. I love physically writing things down, as opposed to writing it on my phone. I also like to sketch and doodle, so I always need paper in my bag. I love this notebook because it has blank papers on the left side and lined pages on the right!

Well guys, that’s my whole “What’s In My Bag!” I hope you found it interesting and enjoyable as I had such a fun time going through my purse and writing this! Let me know what some of your must haves are that you always keep in your bag!