What’s In My Bag? – Summer 2016 Edition

I’ve switched up bags for a seasonal change and have filled it with some of my must-haves. This retro Kate Spade handbag was the first purse I purchased from the brand and have recently fallen back in love with it! At three years old, the Givenchy ‘Antigona’ look-alike is made of buttery leather and sprinkled with gold hardware. I stuff my purse to the brim and although it’s extremely heavy, everything I carry along is essential! The first item I have is my cell phone. 99% of the time my phone is in the back pocket of my jeans, but for post’s sake, it’s located in the bag. Carrying along with the technology theme, I have my Canon S120, which I carry everywhere for daily vlogging. I’ve been filming clips from my favorite parts of summer and I’ll compile them into a large summer vlog in August! My Mophie Battery Pack is an essential as my phone battery dies so quickly. It’s currently missing but hopefully I find it soon! It’s not a real technology product but my Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool is a must-have in case of any emergency. I used to keep it in my saxophone case to loosen any tight screws or fix broken keys. My dad bought me the Gerber GDC Tech Skin Pocket Knife for Christmas one year and I’ve never left the house without it (just incase of emergencies, as usual). My car key should be on a keyring but alas, it’s missing as well. I’ve been driving a lot recently either to work or hanging out with friends so this key is a daily essential. I have a four year old Bluesband Harmonica that I carry in case I ever feel the need to burst into song (like I did at the Billy Joel concert). I love carrying musical instruments along with me wherever I go! This leather Barnes & Noble Music Note Journal is my most prized possession. My mom bought it for me after a particularly rough band camp in 2013 and I’ve filled it with photos, letters and mementos. I carry it with me literally everywhere I go even though it weighs about seven pounds. Of course, a pencil is a must-have when I need to jot down notes or inspiration throughout the day. A few mini essentials are rubber bands, bobby pins, mints, wipes and my employee name tag (these are all pretty self explanatory). My sparkly Kate Spade sunglasses were a Christmas gift from my sister and I think they match every outfit! I love sporting them with a t-shirt and jeans just to add a little spice to a plain outfit. Last up in my purse is my makeup bag. This particular zippered gem is from Japan and it fits the perfect amount of products I would need on a daily basis! The main beauty items I keep are concealer, powder, lipstick, perfume, mascara, eyebrow pencil and a couple of face brushes. Now that we’ve gone through the kitchen sink, what’s in your purse for the summer?