What’s in My Backpack?

After the terrible sickness kept me out of classes for a week and a half, I finally started my spring semester with a new backpack and hydroflask and an old disdain for school. Although I keep track of my maximum number of skips per class more than the due dates for my homework, having cute supplies and extra essentials in my backpack makes the weeks a little more bearable. I purchased the Billabong Command Backpack after I broke the zipper on my beloved Dakine one and I love the different shades of blue! The backpack is made well and doesn’t feel heavy on my back no matter how much shit I stuff in the pockets. It features a laptop pocket, two big zipper slots, a front zipped pocket, and two deep water bottle sleeves. I don’t always carry my laptop with me as many of my classes don’t allow technology use in the classroom (I know, what the hell it’s 2018!) so I bring a five subject notebook to every class. When I’m feeling extra responsible I’ll write down all of my homework and due dates in my ban.dō agenda along with all of the tennis matches, basketball, softball, and baseball games I’m signed up to work. I always have my leather notebook with me no matter where I go as it’s my most prized possession. I’m always afraid that I’ll be robbed or my house will burn down if I leave the notebook at home. I know that’s insane. My mom gave me her hot pink hydroflask in a smaller size, which is more convenient for everyday use. In the second front pocket I keep a pack of gum, my clicker for political science (Andre 3000 give me strength on my last attempt!!), headphones so I don’t ever have to hear people speak while walking between classes, my Christmas ornament from Jacob, car/house keys, my wallet, a power bank, and my travel makeup bag. On any given day I have a few bags of Japanese chocolate mushrooms and an extra book or two, but this collection of nonsense items is what’s usually in my everyday backpack!