What’s in My Backpack for Long Hikes

In my backpack for hikes

Back in September I wrote about how going on long walks has become one of my favorite after work routines as I hate running, but need some form of cardio. In my journey toward losing as much weight as possible, I’ve been eating less/better and doing more physical activity (I will write about my process when I get to a point where I’m happier with my appearance and size). Walking long distances multiple times a week has greatly helped boost my nonexistent metabolism and burn a good chunk of active calories. However, as I’m trying to diversify my “workout” schedule (I’m no gym girl obviously), I’m incorporating more difficult or long hikes and HIIT activities into my weekly routine (I’ve gone on four hikes since September!). Hiking requires preparation and the right resources, so I thought I’d share what’s in my backpack for long hikes! The contents in my backpack are similar to that of my everyday tote and my beach bag, but with a few tweaks depending on the hike itself. I’m still using the Billabong Command Backpack I bought in 2018 because it has space for everything I would ever need and is comfortable to carry for a while. I always have my pink Yeti water bottle whenever I leave my house, but it’s especially essential for more active activities. I bring a pareu (KaiÊ»olu bought me this one from Tahiti!) to use as a towel or sun covering or emergency wrap should I need it and now of course, a mask is always necessary. My favorite mask is this cotton Baylor one that’s soft and lets me breathe easily. I don’t always bring a full wallet, so I usually just put my license, debit card, and credit card in the white zipper pocket in my backpack, but for the sake of privacy, I kept all of the cards in this glittery Kate Spade holder I’ve had for years. My Hawaiian Airlines bag still has everything I wrote about in this post with a few bandaids and extra wipes thrown in. I obviously bring my big ass notebook with me everywhere, so why should a hike be any different? It’s the heaviest and yet most essential of my backpack contents. Another must have is a snack (or collection of snacks) to keep me going if the trek is particularly long. I usually bring cut apples or other fruits and a granola bar like this one, which doesn’t have many calories or grams of sugar! My to-go makeup bag has all of my necessities like concealer, eyebrow pencil, mascara, and lip balm, and I also bring a full bottle of sunscreen (I’m currently using Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Lotion, which isn’t reef safe, so I only apply for out of water activities) to reapply if it gets hot. My favorite glittery Kate Spade sunglasses are always on my head for style and convenience, and I have an external charger so I never have to worry about my phone dying!