What I’m Watching

These days when I’m not working or with family or friends, I’m binge watching shows on Netflix (these are some exciting times). ‘Stranger Things’ is my most recent favorite, which was just released last month. The show focuses on the disappearance of Will Byers and how his family and friends deal with his being missing. ST features some of the most incredible child actors who truly shine throughout the eight episode season. I love the show because of the lifelong bonds between the characters accompanied by a haunting presence. It combines humor, true fear and the power of love between family and friends. ‘Orange is the New Black’ is one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen. It highlights protagonist Piper Chapman’s time spent in a woman’s correctional facility while featuring incredibly powerful female background characters. My favorite part of the show is an exceptionally diverse cast- one from which Hollywood should take some cues. Although season four was disturbing and difficult to watch, the themes of prisoners’ rights, police brutality and mental illness are deeply important to today’s issues. After I’ve watched too much horror or suspense, I watch ‘New Girl’. I’ve watched the entirety of the show dozens of times, but its humor never gets old. My sister and I quote Winston and Schmidt in almost all of our conversations. I began watching ‘Friday Night Lights’ when I was in elementary school, so it’s fun to refresh my memory and rewatch every episode. I’m 100% team Vince and anti-Julie Taylor. Can you believe I hated football when I first watched the show? Now I can’t get enough.