What I Watched and Loved in January

What I watched and loved

There are certain seasons every few years or so where everything I watch on TV and in the theater is brilliant and I can’t stop watching clips after: the 2017 Oscars season that featured Moonlight (one of my favorite films ever), Fences, Hidden Figures, and Lion; the 2018 Oscars season with Get Out (yes, we all know how I adore this movie), Call Me By Your Name (I’ve said enough…probably too much about this one) and Coco; and now January of 2020 because of these movies and a fantastic tv show I’m obsessed with. Because I no longer have school work or tests to worry about, I’ve recently watched more programs on my computer and in the movie theaters than I have in years. The first film I watched and loved in January was Little Women— a movie I’m still reading about and scrolling through the short videos of on Instagram. I didn’t read the book in high school or college (my literature preferences would probably prevent me from loving it), but Greta Gerwig’s film is absolute perfection. I hysterically sobbed during multiple points in the movie: Amy’s art room monologue with Laurie, Jo’s rejection of Laurie in the field, Jo’s devastating monologue with Marmee, and when she reunited with Laurie after writing him the letter. Although I want(ed) Jo and Laurie to be together because obviously they’re soulmates, after binge watching numerous videos about Amy and Laurie, I’m certain those two are meant to be. Cheer on Netflix is a show I ignored during the early weeks of its release when everyone and their Aunty watched the season in one seating. However, Lo (as usual) convinced me to watch it with her and we finished the series in two days. I fall under the opinion of Amanda Mull in this article about the show and I truly feel that Monica’s tactics and practices were abusive, but I loved the kids and found myself crying for them after they *SPOILER ALERT* won the 2019 National Championship. Morgan, Jerry, Lexi, and La’Darius are my favorites and I want everything good for them always. I watched Parasite with Brandon a couple months after its release and holy shit, what a freaking roller coaster of a movie. I was initially unsure of the film because I didn’t understand what the plot focused on, but once the ball started rolling and the Kim family’s goal became more evident, I was hooked. Each of the actors was phenomenal and showed the true dangers of greed and wealth, convincing me more so that capitalism must be abolished (as if I needed another reminder). Here’s hoping Bong Joon Ho wins every Oscar this season!