What I Eat In A Day | 6th Installment

Lunch for my 6th installment
Pineapple for snack
Dinner for my 6th installment
Yogurt parfait bowl

I’m a generally nosy bitch (in fact, I am the nosiest of bitches) and I love knowing any and all gossip, peeking at what my loved ones carry around in their bags, and checking out the daily menus of regular folks. “What I Eat in a Day” videos (here’s the last one I filmed and shared!) are some of my favorites to watch on YouTube because not only can I examine and judge what people are putting into their bodies on a daily basis (does that sound really weird to say? Should I reword, Yonny?), but I also enjoy seeing new recipes to try out on my own! Because I love those food posts, I wanted to share what I personally eat on a regular day at work. In the previous installments of those posts, I’ve written about the breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners I consume on work days in and out of the office. However, my 6th installment (here’s my 5th installment from May) as filled with the foods I regularly consume during hot summers. I love having loads of fruits and vegetables throughout the day, so this 6th installment has a great balance of both!

When I’m working from home I tend to eat an early lunch, almost always either a giant hearty salad or a snack plate of different foods I love. For lunch on this 6th installment, I crafted one of my favorite snack plates ever: chicken salad (filled with lots of chopped up sun-dried tomatoes obviously!) with whole wheat crackers, baby carrots with red pepper hummus for dipping, cherries, and watermelon. I love snack plates because I can eat multiple small foods at once, and these are all of my go-to’s during the summer time! This mixture keeps me full and satisfied for hours until I hit my 3 pm snack time where I absolutely must have at least one fruit. I’ve always been an extreme fruit devourer since both of my sets of grandparents fed me copious amounts of cut watermelon (my papa’s specialty was massive tubs of red and yellow watermelon), cantaloupe, pineapple, and any other fruits they desired having around for me/us. Because I grew up eating all varieties of fruits, I crave them throughout the day and usually have them for snack and/or dessert. Thankfully we’re in the best time of the year for my eating favorites, so I often have watermelon, pineapple, strawberries, cherries, and more throughout my fridge. On this particular day, I ate half of this pineapple while standing on one foot in my kitchen hovering over the sink like a raccoon. I hope you enjoy that image. For dinner, I used up leftover ingredients and made a quick and delicious miso pork with won bok, carrots, and onions (over rice of course) and I topped the bowl with a fried egg and lots of furikake! Stir fry dishes are some of my favorites to make on weekdays since they’re so quick and can be made with whatever is in the fridge. I like to make sure I get in my veggie intake during dinner if I didn’t have enough throughout the day. And because I always hyper fixate on one type of dish or meal, my dessert for this 6th installment was my daily yogurt bowl with strawberries and mini dark chocolate chips. I love this Chobani vanilla yogurt because it’s high in protein and tastes super delicious—perfect for snack/dessert and when I haven’t had enough protein during the day! I start with two or three large dollops of yogurt and add at least five strawberries that I’ve cut into the tiniest pieces along with a sprinkling of mini dark chocolate chips. I eat this yogurt bowl every single day and I can’t imagine tiring of it! Fruits and veggies aren’t widely accessible to many people, so I’m very lucky to have them fill my daily meals!


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