What I Eat In A Day | 5th Installment

Lunch for my 5th installment
Carrots and hummus
Spinach and artichoke dip
Pasta for my 5th installment
Peanut butter chocolate cheesecake

I’m a generally nosy bitch (in fact, I am the nosiest of bitches) and I love knowing any and all gossip, peeking at what my loved ones carry around in their bags, and checking out the daily menus of regular folks. “What I Eat in a Day” videos (here’s the last one I filmed and shared!) are some of my favorites to watch on YouTube because not only can I examine and judge what people are putting into their bodies on a daily basis (does that sound really weird to say? Should I reword, Yonny?), but I also enjoy seeing new recipes to try out on my own! Because I love those food posts, I wanted to share what I personally eat on a regular day at work. In the previous installments of those posts, I’ve written about the breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners I consume on work days in and out of the office. However, my 5th installment (here’s my 4th installment from last year) came from Sunday’s day at home and night out for my partner’s early birthday dinner. I equally love making my own foods and eating at restaurants, so this 5th installment is a great balance of both and how I eat during celebratory meals!

I love sleeping in on weekends (I actually love sleeping at any hour of any day), so I haven’t been eating early breakfasts as much as I used to when I was younger. I love having a large lunch full of vegetables, fruits, and some of my other go-to dishes like cottage cheese pizza toast (my dad can attest to the deliciousness of this one!), cottage cheese scrambled eggs on toast—there seems to be a theme here—chicken salad, big ass salads, etc. For lunch during this 5th installment, I made my classic cottage cheese scrambled eggs, which are packed with delicious protein on top of sourdough toast with some mayo. My toast went with a handful of large sliced strawberries and my every day salad of lettuce (although I’m using romain here, I am obsessed with the lettuce spring mix at Sam’s Club and go through two containers every 10 days or so), grape tomatoes, kewpie dressing, and crushed up croutons. For a snack, I consumed the final quarter of Good & Gather red pepper hummus with many, many halved baby carrots for dipping. I love this hummus so much I ate it in four goes and am onto my next one! As mentioned before, we were celebrating my partner’s early birthday this night at the Cheesecake Factory, which is truly an unmatched place for massive portions and a menu selection large enough for the pickiest of eaters (@ my partner and my mom). I ate a few slices of brown bread before we shared the spinach artichoke dip (I was mostly invested in this pico de gallo with the juiciest tomatoes). My chicken pasta from the “Skinnylicious” menu (which is a detestable name for a menu!) came with penne instead of spaghetti as I ordered, so my super kind waitress gave me a complimentary bowl of clam chowder to consume while we waited for my pasta to arrive—and consume I did! The chowder was absolutely delicious with tons of clams and a perfectly chunky base that wasn’t too floury or watery. Because I gladly ate the chowder while I waited, I only had a handful of bites of my favorite pasta and took the rest home. I love this pasta because it’s loaded with sweet and tangy tomato sauce, large chunks of chicken breast, and a drizzle of pesto on top. The sauce is always impeccably seasoned and savory with bites of fresh and stewed tomatoes throughout. My partner and I both ordered our cheesecakes to go and when we got home, I had a few bites of my usual Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake—my favorite dessert in probably the whole world. This 5th installment of what I eat in a day was full of some of my favorite foods ever and I’m lucky I got to eat them all!