What I Eat In A Day | 4th Installment

Breakfast for my 4th installment of WIEIAD
Sandwich for lunch
Rainbow veggie bowl for dinner

I’m a generally nosy bitch (in fact, I am the nosiest of bitches) and I love knowing any and all gossip, peeking at what my loved ones carry around in their bags, and checking out the daily menus of regular folks. “What I Eat in a Day” videos (here’s the last one I filmed and shared!) are some of my favorites to watch on YouTube because not only can I examine and judge what people are putting into their bodies on a daily basis (does that sound really weird to say? Should I reword, Yonny?), but I also enjoy seeing new recipes to try out on my own! Because I love those food posts, I wanted to share what I personally eat on a regular day at work. Basically every weekday looks different for me now since I started my new position as the Community Outreach Court Coordinator (look at my updated cute ass office!) as I go to court, attend outreaches, give presentations to different organizations and service providers, conduct intakes over the phone and in person, answer countless phone calls and texts, research the best providers to refer clients to, and respond to emails. At a couple points throughout the day I’m eating breakfast and lunch (and sometimes snacking or enjoying dessert), so the following foods are some of the ones I enjoy devouring. For my 4th installment of what I eat in a day (which I unfortunately did not film for my TikTok), I documented the three meals I consumed during one of my work days last month.

Most days for breakfast I make a big bowl of chopped/prepared fruits that are most prevalent during the season. I’ve been scarfing down mangoes every morning for the past several months (thankfully my partner and I found a huge mango farm where we can choose our own fruits), but on this day, I had a bowl of sweet pineapple and cherries. I’m not always hungry enough for a big breakfast in the morning and there’s nothing I love more than fruits, so this small meal is my ideal one when I wake up! For my 4th installment at lunch time, I made a half turkey sandwich packed with cheese, spring mix, tomatoes, and sprouts on my favorite Japanese white bread. I usually eat a full sandwich, but I wanted a big side of grapes and salt and vinegar chips (my favorite flavor forever) that would’ve made me too full. Sandwiches are one of my go-to meals for lunch! And as much as I loved both breakfast and lunch during this 4th installment, dinner was incredible and I impressed even myself. I prepared a quick lemony couscous salad with red onions, corn, and cherry tomatoes so I topped a bed of spring mix with that salad. I roasted a bunch of veggies including carrots, red onions (again), bell peppers, and broccoli in a sheet pan with chicken sausages (see how I did that in this recipe post). I heated up those veggies and sausages and scattered them on my couscous and spring mixture for the most delicious and fiber-packed dinner ever. I love having veggies and fruits with almost every meal and I think I did a great job on this day!