What I Did/Accomplished In Summer 2019

Cousins in summer 2019
Kaiser vs. McKinley view
Musicals in summer 2019
Friendship reunion
Protesting in summer 2019
True friends
Every day with Brandon in summer 2019
The best staycation in summer 2019

I usually start every summer with a full length bucket list of foods I want to eat and places I want to go with my family and friends, but I was too preoccupied with moving home that I forgot this summer! I seem to not have missed out on anything though, because I barely accomplished anything notable this “break”. The summer after college is such a strange and uneasy time filled with anxiety about the upcoming future. I wish I had done more than just sit at home most days and apply for countless jobs during my summer 2019 because I often forgot to celebrate my personally huge accomplishment of graduating from university! However, I didn’t waste the whole time I’ve been home and actually did a lot of fun things and spent some much needed time with my loved ones during summer 2019.

As soon as we got home from Texas, my family and I celebrated my and my cousin Conor’s college graduations with a paʻina where my Washington-based uncle surprised us! We haven’t seen him in a couple of years so it was wonderful to start summer 2019 with such an incredible reunion. Speaking of reunions, my time apart from my best Baylor friends Jonathan, Lo, and Urn was short lived as we reunited in June after dad and I sold my Waco apartment. We spent three days in town cleaning, eating, and visiting with the people I already missed so much before saying goodbye until February. Thankfully, I also got to see Nāpua and Will when they came to visit as soon as I returned home! I made them hang out with me everyday for the last few days they were here and it was such a wonderful time. Mikayla, being the amazing and generous person she is, took Brandon, Parker, and me on a staycation in Waikīkī for our graduation presents and we spent the whole weekend eating, sleeping, and enjoying our time together. We barely drank anything and we slept through our big night out, but we still loved being together. I got to march with Kaiʻolu and a few other friends at a couple of rallies in protection of Mauna Kea through summer 2019. Being a part of Hawaiian history with my closest friends has been such an honor and a privilege. I obviously spent most of my summer 2019 with Brandon as we did a lot of shopping, eating, lounging around, singing in the car, and talking for hours about every topic. My family and I went to see The Phantom of the Opera with our cousins and it was everything and more than I could have anticipated. I can’t wait to see what RENT is like in December! Last but not least, my main activity/source of income in summer 2019 as I remain on my full time job hunt has been freelance writing for both the Go magazines and the Star Advertiser. I wrote a couple of articles for the magazines back in June and I’m now covering high school football games every week for the newspaper and Hawaii Prep World! I know it’s not like being on the sidelines with my Roosevelt boys, but I love being in the press box again!