What I Accomplished on my Summer Bucket List

It seems as though I slacked a bit at accomplishing the tasks on summer bucket list. The original goal sheet included:

  • Camping at Malaekahana
  • Beach days
    • Nānākuli
    • Yoks
    • Kahana Bay
    • Waimānalo
    • Queens Bath
    • Makapuʻu tidepools
    • Cockroach Cove
    • Sunset Beach
  • Hiking
    • Crouching Lion
    • Lanikai Pillboxes
    • Mānoa Falls
    • Maunawili
  • Spend the day in Hāleiwa
  • Ziplining
  • Eating at my most beloved restaurants
    • Likelike Drive Inn 
    • Sweet E’s
    • Young’s Fish Market
    • Kakaʻako Kitchen
    • Tokkuri-Tei
    • Tokoname

Luckily, I checked camping off my bucket list, which was the main goal for my summer! I had the best time camping, which I narrated here last week. I naively expected every day of break would be filled with beach hopping, hikes, and kanak attacking on my favorite foods. I ignored the fact that my summer school class took up six weeks of vacation and all of my friends had jobs or internships to attend to. Although I didn’t cover the lot of my list, I spent my time well with the people I love. I’ve gone camping, golfing, swimming at new go-to beach spots, ate a shit ton of Zippy’s shoyu chicken, filmed mini vlogs, and had a few sleepovers. Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged over what I didn’t do rather than embracing what I did and who I did it with. For now, I’ll scroll through the photos and vlogs with love and excitement for the next time.