What Can I Do?

Photos courtesy of International Business Times

For the past few weeks I’ve been following the crisis occurring in Iraq between the Iraqi civilians (mainly Christians and Yazidis) and the ISIS (Islamic State). Barbaric acts against the Iraqi people are being committed such as beheadings, executions, rape, etc by the ISIS in order to try and convert the them. I’ve followed the Yazidi and Christian people’s journeys to escape the ISIS by seeking refuge on Mt. Sinjar without food, water, or proper necessities. People are being murdered every hour because they refuse to give up their faith or beliefs. I’ve never seen such atrocious acts towards the human race since the Holocaust where people are being treated as if they have no value at all. As an American with the freedom to believe whatever I want, it’s so disturbing to see these acts taking place halfway across the world.

It seems as though people either have all the rights in the world or none at all. Sometimes I feel like it’s incredibly selfish and vile for me to worry about homework or complain about the dinner I’m eating when these people have nothing to eat and are suffering from brutal persecution. Why is it that I have running water, a warm bed, a closet full of clothes, music in my ears, and the internet in my hands when these people have nothing? How fair is it that I can believe in God when these brothers and sisters are being murdered for the same beliefs that I have? I want to help these people so badly but I’m at a loss for ways to help. I want to give them food and water, bathe and clothe them, tend to their wounds, comfort those who have literally lost everything, and help them to feel safe and secure. It’s so hard to read about these people and look at the images of what they’re going through when I’m sitting at my computer, writing posts and slacking off on the internet.

I know that wars and evil acts have always occurred, but this one hits hard. I remember watching the movie Hotel Rwanda and thinking “why didn’t anyone do anything to help those people?” and yet the same thing is happening now while I sit around doing nothing. Raising awareness on an issue can only do so much. I guess I just want to do more for them. I don’t want to be someone who sits around watching injustice pass me by. Maybe a career in International Justice is in my future…