Week Two of the 2019 CFP Rankings

Week two

In the first edition of the 2019 CFP rankings released last week, I basically agreed with the majority of the list even though Baylor fell closer toward the middle than I would have liked. In week two however, the committee is complete bullshit again and nothing makes sense or follows logical rationale. I once agree with the top three being LSU, Ohio State, and Clemson since LSU destroyed Alabama (which again, the inconsistencies prevail as analysts/sports people praise the high scoring of the SEC match up while previously arguing that Big 12 games sucked because of a lack of defense), Ohio State is undefeated and has wins over three ranked teams, and Clemson is currently 10-0, even though their schedule is ludicrous. Georgia is ranked much too high with only two victories over ranked opponents (#16 Notre Dame and #11 Florida) and Alabama hasn’t won a single game against a team in the top 25, so they should be farther down the list as well. I won’t even get in to the absurdity that is 8-1 Oregon as #6 when they’ve played no one and lost to #13 Auburn and the same could be said about Utah, who is also 8-1. Minnesota jumped nine(!!!!!) spots after defeating then-ranked #4 Penn State, which, while they are 9-0 and have one ranked win, seems like a giant leap considering their fairly weak conference schedule. Penn State is at a good spot in the top 10 and I’m sure they’ll bounce back from the loss to move up next week. Oklahoma barely beat Iowa State on Saturday and has one loss to then-unranked Kansas State, so they should never be anywhere above Baylor, since the Bears are undefeated and remain at the top of the conference. Florida and Auburn both have two!!!! losses!!!! and are still ranked ahead of Baylor!!!! At this point can we abolish the CFP rankings please? The Bears are still undefeated at 9-0 but somehow dropped a spot in the rankings and are now #13. I wouldn’t mind the drop if there was at least a reasonable or acceptable argument aside from the current one being Florida and Auburn’s losses are of higher value to the committee than Baylor’s wins. The sports world is a nightmare. I would also be pissed if I were an SMU coach/player knowing that they’re 9-1 and no longer in the CFP list while 7-2 teams like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Notre Dame and 6-3 teams like Texas, Iowa, Oklahoma State, and Kansas State are ranked above. Obviously the final rankings and Baylor winning out (PLEASE HELP @ SPORTS GODS) are all that matter moving forward, but while the CFP committee exists, logic would be appreciated!!