Week Three of the 2019 CFP Rankings

Week three of CFP rankings

Week three of the College Football Playoff rankings was just released and the committee continues their bullshit inconsistent placements for the top 25 teams (this week is worse than last week, which seemed impossible). Numbers 1-7 of the rankings remained the same from the second installment as the top 3 are still undefeated and the other four have one loss each. I’m not mad about LSU, Ohio State, or Clemson’s placements because despite the Tigers’ actual cupcake schedule, they’ve all still beaten every team they’ve faced so far. Georgia has victories over four ranked teams including No. 15 Notre Dame, No. 10 Florida, No. 16 Auburn, and No. 24 Texas A&M (via AP rankings). Alabama has only beaten No. 24 Texas A&M as a ranked team and the rest have been easy competitors. Neither Oregon nor Utah have victories over ranked teams, which, again, is bullshit and Penn State should be ahead of them considering their wins against No. 19 Iowa and No. 12 Michigan. Oklahoma somehow moved up in the lineup even though they barely beat us (Baylor) and Minnesota rightfully fell to No. 10 following their loss to No. 20 Iowa. This is where shit gets even more wild because Florida, Wisconsin, and Michigan each have TWO LOSSES and are ranked above us (Baylor) despite the fact that we only lost to No. 10 Oklahoma by a field goal and we’re 9-1. Baylor fell one spot in week three and I don’t have enough words to explain how insane that is while there are literal two loss teams in front of us. Auburn and Iowa are both 7-3(!!!) and Notre Dame is 8-2 and they’re all ranked ahead of one loss Memphis, Cincinnati, Boise State, Appalachian State, and SMU. The Big 12 has two more teams in the bottom half with Oklahoma State (7-3) coming in at No. 21 and Iowa State at No. 22 (6-4). USC also inched in with a 7-4 record at No. 23.