Week One of the 2019 CFP Rankings

Week one 2019 CFP rankings

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? The College Football Playoff rankings are finally upon us as the committee released their week one lineup to the anger, frustration, excitement, and relief of teams across America. Obviously these rankings are bullshit and they don’t matter until the end of the month when the regular season ends, but I think it’s important to analyze each week and provide my opinion on each of the slots because why not? Every other man with a podcast or sports show does it! For the first time in years, I agree with the top four in week one (despite my continued and forever hatred of Ohio State and Alabama). Each of the four are currently 8-0, but Ohio State currently seems like the most dominant team overall– allowing at most 21 points in a game. LSU’s new explosive offense is eerily similar to that of a Big 12 team, which makes them exciting to watch and a perfect No. 2 in the rankings. They’ll face Alabama on Saturday, so one of the two will drop next week. Alabama is and always will be a shoe-in for a top spot in the CFP, but they truly haven’t played anyone difficult enough to make them a No. 1 or No. 2, which is why I would probably switch them and Penn State, if I’m being honest. Penn State will play currently No. 17 the undefeated Minnesota this weekend, which will be another important match up. Clemson is No. 9, but they also have an incredibly weak schedule throughout the season. No. 6-No. 9 Georgia (7-1), Oregon (8-1), Utah (8-1), and Oklahoma (7-1) all have one loss and No. 10 and 11 Florida (7-2) and Auburn (7-2) rest in the two loss category, but somehow all fall before Baylor, who sits at No. 12 despite their undefeated record. I’m not annoyed, but I am extremely irritated. Wisconsin (6-2), Michigan (7-2), Notre Dame (6-2), and Kansas State (6-2) also have losses, but are ranked above undefeated Minnesota at No. 18. Although I despise PJ Fleck, I would be angry about that position as well. The rest of the week one rankings are agreeable as well except for the inclusion of Oklahoma State who has three losses at No. 23. Iowa should probably be ranked lower than they are as the final team with two losses at No. 18 while the rest of the teams have one loss– Wake Forest (7-1), Cincinnati (7-1), Memphis (8-1), Boise State (7-1), Navy (7-1), and SMU (8-1).