Week Four of the 2019 CFP Rankings

Week four of CFP rankings

Week four of the College Football Playoff rankings was released this afternoon and as usual (and as expected), I HAVE MANY OPINIONS. There were quite a few shifts throughout the top 10, which I believe were all justified and accurate, as opposed to last week’s completely bullshit installment. Ohio State surprisingly jumped LSU to take hold of the No. 1 spot and although I despise the Buckeyes with everything in me, I don’t hate their new ranking. The top three again are all undefeated with an 11-0 record and Georgia comes in at No. 4 and at 10-1. Every team from No. 5 Alabama through my beloved Baylor Bears at No. 9 are all 10-1 as well. If I were on the committee, I would place Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Baylor higher than Alabama and Utah based on their victories over ranked opponents and strengths of schedule. Both the Crimson Tide and the Utes currently hold zero wins over ranked opponents, while the Sooners, Gophers, and Bears all have one (going by the AP rankings only) by week four of the rankings release. Nos. 10-14 all come in at 9-2 as Florida and Michigan finally dropped below Baylor and Oregon added a second loss to their record. Auburn at 8-3 is surprisingly ahead of 9-2 Notre Dame, while No. 17 Iowa with three losses is still above 10-1 Memphis, Cincinnati, Boise State, and Appalachian State. The Big 12 has two more teams in the top 25 with Oklahoma State at No. 21 and Iowa State at No. 23 despite the former having three losses and the latter with four. I imagine the committee weighs their losses to teams like Baylor and Oklahoma rather high (which is still subjective, I know). USC is still in the rankings after week four with an 8-4 record and Virginia Tech falls at No. 24 at 8-3. While there is still much to argue about how the committee has ranked OU and Baylor compared to SEC sweetheart Alabama, at least the two loss teams are no longer in the top 10.