Week Five of the 2019 CFP Rankings

Week five of the CFP rankings

Week five of the College Football Playoff rankings are out and thank the old gods and the new that Alabama is out of the top 10! Who would have ever thought? As expected, the top four remained the same for the fourth-straight week (despite Ohio State jumping LSU last week) as Ohio State, LSU, and Clemson all remained undefeated 12-0 and Georgia added their 11th win to the record. While the Bulldogs have the most ranked wins (based on AP standings) of the one-loss teams in the top 10, they will most definitely fall out of the fourth spot after LSU (probably) beats them on Saturday in the SEC Championship. Utah, Oklahoma, and Baylor come in at Nos. 5, 6, and 7, respectively, as they all have 11-1 records. Again, I’m vehemently opposed to the Utes being ranked ahead of Baylor (or even Oklahoma for that matter) because they have zero wins against ranked teams–literally zero. Oklahoma has one ranked victory over the Bears and Baylor has a ranked victory from their win against Oklahoma State. It’s always appalling to me that the committee claims Big 12 teams “don’t play anyone” and they disparage the teams’ strengths of schedule while also placing Utah (who has played absolutely no one) above those like the Bears and Sooners. We can only hope that Utah will lose to Oregon in the Pac 12 Championship, carving an easier path forward for the Big 12 to enter the CFP conversation. Baylor moved up two spots in the rankings because of Alabama and Minnesota’s losses that put both teams at 10-2 and completely out of the CFP race. Wisconsin leapfrogged Florida and Penn State to take the No. 8 spot, while the previous two took the final two slots in the top 10. Auburn moved up to No. 11 after they defeated Alabama by a field goal and removed the Crimson Tide from the playoff for the first time in what seems like forever (and not even the committee’s obsession with Nick Saban could salvage their chances). Michigan moved down a spot after Ohio State trounced them and Oregon took the No. 13 position with their 10-2 record. Despite Memphis being 11-1, Notre Dame and Iowa are ranked ahead of them with 10-2 and 9-3 records. Minnesota dropped to No. 18 after they recorded their second loss of the season on a beat down by Wisconsin while 11-1 Boise State and 10-2 Cincinnati swapped rankings. Appalachian State jumped four slots to No. 21 and USC kept its position with an 8-4 record above 9-3 Virginia and 9-2 Navy who made its debut in the rankings for week five. Oklahoma State took the last spot despite their most recent loss to Oklahoma.