Watching Baylor Games with Me and Dad in 2021

Family videos in 2021

Can you believe it’s been almost a full year since my dad and I filmed ourselves watching Baylor Football games? Back in 2021 I had a (in my opinion) ~groundbreaking~ idea to record in real time my dad’s and my reactions to the different football plays, penalties, missed calls, touchdowns, interceptions, etc and share them with everyone who loves Baylor Football on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. I initially filmed our first video nearly halfway through the season in 2021 during the Baylor vs. West Virginia game and only posted it on my TikTok. I didn’t really think many people would see or enjoy the video but I loved watching my dad’s and my similar mannerisms and reactions over a four-hour span condensed into a three minute film. Thankfully Matt, my now Managing Editor of Our Daily Bears saw my TikTok and shared it with the rest of #BaylorTwitter and the rest is—as they say—history. I gained a ton of new Baylor friends and even earned a paid contributor position at ODB because of our reaction videos and I’m happily surprised at how many people really loved them! Because the Baylor Football season starts tomorrow (I am absolutely terrified and excited and don’t want to watch any second of it but also want to know what happens at the end of 2022), I thought it would be fun to compile all of the videos dad and I filmed/made in 2021 into one little blog post. Dad has a few trips scheduled during the Fall (I know, he shouldn’t have planned ANY at all) so we might not react to every single game this season, but there’s lots more football to be watched and enjoyed and mourned over! We can’t expect to win every single competition (just kidding, we can and should expect to), but I promise there will be lots of swears, laughs, screams, and absolute joy to be had by all in this next season of “Come watch the Baylor game with me and my dad!”

Baylor vs. West Virginia

Baylor vs. BYU

Baylor vs. Texas

Baylor vs. TCU

Baylor vs. Oklahoma

Baylor vs. Kansas State

Baylor vs. Texas Tech

Baylor vs. Oklahoma State

Baylor vs. Ole Miss