Watch the Baylor vs. Long Island Game with Me and My Dad!

Baylor vs. Long Island

The first video of 2023 where I say “nice” 50 times and ponder why one Barrington got “C. Barrington” over the other. Watch the Baylor vs. Long Island game with me and my dad! #baylorfootball #collegefootball #texas #footballtiktok #watchwithme

♬ original sound – Noelle Kakimoto

At the end of August I compiled all of the “Watch Baylor Games with Me and My Dad” videos from the 2022 Baylor Football season in one post, and I’m thrilled that we’re back with new and fun content!  Back in 2021 I had a (in my opinion) ~groundbreaking~ idea to record in real time my dad’s and my reactions to the different football plays, penalties, missed calls, touchdowns, interceptions, etc and share them with everyone who loves Baylor Football on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. I initially filmed our first video nearly halfway through the season in 2021 during the Baylor vs. West Virginia game and only posted it on my TikTok. I didn’t reallythink many people would see or enjoy the video but I loved watching my dad’s and my similar mannerisms and reactions over a four-hour span condensed into a three minute film. Thankfully Matt, my now Managing Editor of Our Daily Bears saw my TikTok and shared it with the rest of #BaylorTwitter and the rest is—as they say—history. There’s literally nothing I love more in the world than savoring a Baylor victory with my dad (and mom of course!) as we’re full of extraordinary yelling, swearing (okay that might just be me), and true joy in the big and small on field moments, so I love filming every part of the season, even the stressful moments, because that’s being true fans. My family isn’t one to film childhood occasions on VCR, so these videos capturing one aspect of my dad’s and my relationship doing what we love is so special for me! And apparently it is for lots of other Baylor fans as well! We skipped filming/posting the first two games of the season as no one wants to relive sad losses, but the Bears pulled out a victory over Long Island on Saturday, and we captured the entire game! Long Island was a challenge despite its FCS categorization, so there are tons of angry yells and joyful screams throughout the video. My favorite parts are me saying “nice” 50+ times, contemplating why one Barrington brother was labeled “C. Barrington” over the other, and when dad and I maneuvered our arms in the same direction at the same time. Come watch the Baylor vs. Long Island game with me and my dad!