Watch Baylor vs. West Virginia with Me and Dad

Watch Baylor vs. West Virginia with us

Since I started my TikTok account last month, I’ve been trying to brainstorm fun and engaging video ideas where I can combine a few of my interests. Two of the main topics I’ve been posting about are cooking and Baylor football and while those videos have been fairly easy and quick to make, I wanted to diversify my weekly posts. A few weeks ago I had the idea to film me and my dad watching a Baylor Football game drawing inspiration from Highly Questionable when Dan Le Batard and Papi were the hosts. Of course the two of them weren’t screaming at their TVs on national television, but I love the idea of inviting people into our Saturday game viewings as we share our opinions and natural reactions to the matchups. The first time I was able to put my idea into action was this past weekend as I filmed a watch Baylor vs. West Virginia video that instantly became my favorite two+ minutes ever! There’s nothing I love more than cheering on Baylor sports with my parents and this video type became a quick hit with people who watch my TikToks, friends on Instagram, and Baylor fans on Twitter thanks to a generous tweet that brought about an influx of new followers/friends and other kind tweets of support for me and my family. Hopefully with approval from my dad, I’ll film weekly “Watch Baylor vs. insert opponent name here” videos with lots of yelling, cheering, hot takes, and shared opinions. I’m so thankful my first reaction video ended up with a 45-20 Baylor victory so here’s hoping the rest of the season ends only with wonderful wins and not so many anger yells that scare the neighbors! Please enjoy our watch Baylor vs. West Virginia video (and read my game recap here) and let me know if you’d like me to make it into a series!