Watch Baylor vs. Texas State with Me and Dad!

Watch Baylor vs. Texas State with us

A few weeks ago I wrote a post collecting all of the videos I made of me and my dad reacting to last year’s Baylor Football games and after last week’s stressful loss at BYU, we’re back for our second reaction video of the season! There’s literally nothing I love more in the world than savoring a Baylor victory with my dad (and mom of course!) as we’re full of extraordinary yelling, swearing (okay that might just be me), and true joy in the big and small on field moments. My family isn’t one to film childhood moments on VCR, so these videos capturing one aspect of my dad’s and my relationship doing what we love is so special for me! And apparently it is for lots of other Baylor fans as well! We filmed a Watch the No. 17 Baylor vs. Texas State Game with Me and Dad video on Saturday in the Bears’ return home from a time in Provo. Last year’s matchup in the Baylor vs. Texas State game was extraordinarily aggravating between unsuccessful on-field moments and a horrific broadcast, so I wasn’t looking forward to this past weekend’s rematch. Baylor showed improvements made on offense with sophomore QB Blake Shapen connecting with more receivers and the running game completely took off thanks to freshman RB Richard Reese’s unreal talent. The defense’s stats made strides as well, but they allowed far more yards and big plays than necessary during the first half and we were lucky that Texas State continuously shot themselves in the foot and only scored one TD. Had the Bobcats been any more skilled, they might have given us a better run for our money. In any case, we saw again how the Bears seem to be more successful when they’re scheduled for the earliest time slot. Although we struggle to wake up for football when first kick is at 6 am, I’d gladly watch only pre-sunrise games for the rest of the season if that meant we’d win them all!