Watch Baylor vs. TCU with Me and Dad!

Watch Baylor vs. TCU with me and dad!

For the third week of Baylor Football’s matchups dad and I filmed a video of ourselves outrageously reacting to the game, and this one is our Baylor vs. TCU with us compilation (here’s our most recent video of us watching Baylor vs. Texas last week!). I first had the idea to film myself and my dad watching the Baylor games because we agree on basically everything sports related and I thought it would be a fun concept that no one else I knew was doing. Thankfully after posting our first video after the West Virginia game four weeks ago, a new Baylor friend shared it on Twitter and lots of avid Baylor fans like ourselves seemed to truly love watching our fanatic reactions to sacks, touchdowns, and bad plays. When I posted the video on Instagram, there was a similar interest in seeing more of our game-watching POVs, so after dad agreed continue broadcasting ourselves, I made “Watch Baylor vs. Texas with Me and Dad” and now “Watch Baylor vs. TCU with Me and Dad!” Unfortunately despite our initial 3-0 record while filming ourselves watching the Baylor games, the Bears dropped their second matchup of the season against an incredibly aggressive and sound (somehow?) TCU team on Saturday that was playing with nothing to lose after the departure of former head coach Gary Patterson and starting QB Max Duggan and RB Zach Evans out for the game. I felt extraordinarily calm from halftime on either because I had completely given up hope that we’d pull out a victory or because I was super confident we’d get our shit together and win (which at this point, we know didn’t happen). I debated whether to even edit and post the video because who wants to watch people watch their team lose? But several Twitter friends encouraged me to share our reactions and I don’t think I’ve laughed this much since our first video! My favorite parts of us watching the game were when I mistakenly thought a TCU fan was yelling at the camera (it was a Baylor boy) and I yelled at him to shut the hell up and also when, like my bff Yonny puts it, I “primal screamed Tyquan” at the end of the game. I’m sad we lost to TCU but I’m happy we still put out a hilarious video full of stress and frustration and some joy!


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