Watch Baylor vs. Oklahoma with Me and Dad!

Watch Baylor vs. Oklahoma with me and dad

Two months ago I wrote a post collecting all of the videos I made of me and my dad reacting to last year’s Baylor Football games and after the stressful loss at BYU at the start of the season, our thrilling victory against Iowa State close the end of September (dad decided to travel that weekend instead of filming a watch the Baylor vs. Iowa State game with me and dad video!!), a shocking loss at West Virginia last month, and a Homecoming victory against Kansas, we’re back for our fifth reaction video of the season in our watch the Baylor vs. Oklahoma game with us collection! Last year we luckily only lost twice in the regular season (with one of them being the Oklahoma State game), and I only posted one losing reaction video from the TCU game. There’s literally nothing I love more in the world than savoring a Baylor victory with my dad (and mom of course!) as we’re full of extraordinary yelling, swearing (okay that might just be me), and true joy in the big and small on field moments, so I love filming every part of the season, even the stressful moments, because that’s being true fans. My family isn’t one to film childhood occasions on VCR, so these videos capturing one aspect of my dad’s and my relationship doing what we love is so special for me! And apparently it is for lots of other Baylor fans as well! Last month, folks asked for our reactions to the Baylor vs. Oklahoma State game despite the devastating ending, so we of course had to oblige! Thankfully the Homecoming matchup against Kansas and Saturday’s incredible bowl-qualifying success in Norman didn’t end like the BYU, Oklahoma State, or West Virginia games that were heartbreaking to watch. The Bears built on their success against the Jayhawks and showed poise and confidence on both sides of the ball. Recording 8 interceptions in only two weeks and dominating the Sooners’ defensive line was incredible to watch. Baylor has so much to be proud of and excited for as they now control their destiny toward the Big 12 title game! Here’s hoping for more joyous screams and lots of unison calls!