Watch Baylor vs. Kansas State with Me and Dad!

Watch Baylor vs. Kansas State with me and dad

For the sixth week of Baylor Football’s matchups, dad and I filmed a video of ourselves outrageously reacting to the game and this one is our Baylor vs. Kansas State with us compilation (here’s our most recent amazing video of us watching Baylor vs. Oklahoma last week in our most watched video by far!). I first had the idea to film myself and my dad watching the Baylor games because we agree on basically everything sports related and I thought it would be a fun concept that no one else I knew was doing. Thankfully after posting our first video after the West Virginia game already six weeks ago, a new Baylor friend shared it on Twitter and lots of avid Baylor fans like ourselves seemed to truly love watching our fanatic reactions to sacks, touchdowns, and bad plays. When I posted the video on Instagram, there was a similar interest in seeing more of our game-watching POVs, so after dad agreed continue broadcasting ourselves, I made several watch with us videos. Even though we hit our first loss of the filming record when we fell to TCU two weeks ago, we’re on a two-game winning streak with this week’s watch Baylor vs. Kansas State with us being another highly watched and shared video! Our current record while filming is 5-1 and with a hopeful win next week against Texas Tech in our regular season finale, we could be video bowl eligible while Texas won’t even make a bowl game in real life! What a world! The Kansas State game was full of fantastic defensive play on both ends and Baylor held on to their lead without a hitch even after losing junior QB Gerry Bohanon in the second quarter. Tune in for lots of screaming, stress, and angry yelling specifically at Mark Helfrich in this week’s watch Baylor vs. Kansas State with me and dad!