Watch Baylor vs. BYU with Me and Dad!

Watch Baylor vs. BYU with me and dad!

Last week I filmed, edited, and shared a reaction compilation of me and my dad watching the Baylor vs. West Virginia game (watch it here!) and I think that video might be my most enjoyed creation ever! I’ve never seen anything I’ve developed take off among like-minded friends and fans, which was the most shocking part. A new Baylor friend shared my video on Twitter and lots of avid Baylor fans like ourselves seemed to truly love watching our fanatic reactions to sacks, touchdowns, and bad plays. When I posted the video on Instagram, there was a similar interest in seeing more of our game-watching POVs, so after dad agreed to it, I decided to film a “Watch Baylor vs. BYU with me and dad” TikTok that was equally as funny and outrageous! I was understandably stressed going in to the matchup as the Bears were facing the then-ranked No. 19 Cougars, so I’m glad I could watch them play BYU with my parents. Thankfully the game was Baylor’s the entire time and despite several massive plays on the Cougars’ end, there wasn’t that much to be stressed over (although our video might make it look differently). My favorite parts of our watch Baylor vs. BYU with us video were when LB Dillon Doyle scored his first rushing and passing TDs and when the Bears’ K Noah Rauschenberg kicked and recovered the most perfectly executed onside kick that fooled not only us but also the entire BYU coaching staff and team. I thought Noah accidentally missed the ball, but they performed the onside with such precision they should be so proud of themselves! I love making these videos with my dad (and with cameos of my mom per my bff Jonathan’s request) and I can’t wait to make another after the upcoming bye week!