Watch Baylor MBB vs. Kansas with Me and Dad!

Baylor MBB vs. Kansas with me and dad

Although we’re nearing the end of the 2021-22 regular basketball season, my dad and I had a few requests to film ourselves reacting to one of the Baylor Men’s Basketball games, and we did it! We previously attempted a watch with us video when Baylor played/lost to Alabama (we do not acknowledge that game) but I decided that I was bad luck and *whispers* haven’t watched a game since!! Because I don’t live at home anymore it’s hard to match up my weekend schedule with my dad’s, but we finally found time to watch and film this week during the Baylor MBB vs. Kansas game on College Game Day! I first had the idea to film myself and my dad watching the Baylor games because we agree on basically everything sports related and I thought it would be a fun concept that no one else I knew was doing. Thankfully after posting our first video during the football season after the West Virginia game last year (what even is time?), a new Baylor friend who is now my editor for Our Daily Bears shared it on Twitter and lots of avid Baylor fans like ourselves seemed to truly love watching our fanatic reactions to sacks, touchdowns, and bad plays. When I posted the video on Instagram there was a similar interest in seeing more of our game-watching POVs, so after dad agreed continue broadcasting ourselves, I made several watch with us videos (here’s the last one I posted after the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day!). Yesterday’s video featured the Baylor MBB matchup against Kansas for a top 10 challenge (the Bears are ranked No. 10 and the Jayhawks are at No. 5) where a dilapidated Bears team knocked down their Big 12 opponent, 80-70. Senior F Flo Thamba had a career-performance and freshmen F Kendall Brown and Jeremy Sochan had fantastic games as well. The Bears have a few regular season games left, so let’s hope for a healthy team come March!