I’ve been wanting to vlog (aka video blog) for quite some time now and have been researching point-and-shoot cameras with good video quality. I was stuck between the Canon S120 (pictured above) and the Canon G7X. The S120 has been used for a while by loads of successful vloggers because of its WiFi capabilities and 1080p quality. It was the “go to camera” for all vloggers for a couple of years until the G7X came out with its flip up screen and extremely HD video quality. I looked at purchasing the G7X for a long time but was always held back by its high price. After a while of debating, I decided that the S120 would be the better vlogging camera for me right now. Luckily enough, I was gifted the camera by my incredibly generous and supportive Aunty Lisa and Uncle Les (thank you so much, guys!) as my graduation present. After using the camera for a couple of days, I am astounded by the video and audio quality as everything is really clear and focused. I truly love this camera and can’t wait to use it as often as I can! If/when I start posting my daily vlogs on YouTube, they will probably be under the name “Vlogalani” as it combines my activities and my Hawaiian name Kamalani!