Uplifting Athletes 2015 Rare Disease Champion

I wrote about coach Brian Norwood the other day and today is all about his son Levi. Levi was a receiver for Baylor football and has been my favorite player on the team for the past year. He’s a quick runner and has incredible skill on the field. Not only is Levi a fantastic football player, but he’s also a wonderful person. I was lucky enough to have lunch with him and his family back in November and he was so kind and easy to talk to. Levi is currently in the running to become the Uplifting Athletes Rare Disease Champion, which is an award given to a leader in college football who has made a connection to a rare disease and has become an advocate or has established funds for said disease. Levi is #2 on the leaderboard and I’m hoping that all of you will vote to help him win this great award based on character rather than just athleticism. If you want to vote for Levi, please click here. You can vote once a day per email address. Thank you for supporting a phenomenal athlete and person!