Until the Summer

For some reason, each time I’m forced to head back to school after a break, I cling to my mom and my home for dear life. This time especially, I begged mom to come up with me for a couple of days (an offer which she declined) a. because I’m sick and b. because I was distraught over Jacob leaving and having to separate from my family myself. I know I’ll be home in four months and everything will go back to normal during the summer, but right now feels like the hardest goodbye. Maybe I’m just being dramatic or over emotional or maybe my reaction is normal. Leaving the place and people I dearly love for 1/3 of the year is extremely difficult whichever way you spin it. I’m not like the majority of kids at my school who can go home any weekend they want and not having my family and friends around is often painful and lonely. Ultimately there’s nothing I can do but leave and hope for the best. So here’s to the next four months, may they bring me joy and laughter and a little less loneliness.