Uniqlo Boyfriend Shorts Are My Denim for the Summer

Uniqlo boyfriend shorts

Button down shirt via Savers, tank top via Plato’s Closet, Uniqlo shortsKinn Studio necklaceGorjana necklace, Target belt

I’ve worn my fair share of shorts over the past two decades of life (see evidence in these posts) since Hawaiʻi days are nearly always blisteringly warm and sweaty outside of the cool and rainy winter moments. Since my hips and thighs have been disproportionately larger than my waist throughout my entire life, it’s been quite difficult finding denim shorts and jeans that fit me in all areas without pinching or squeezing. Finding pants—or clothes in general—that fit my body was the trauma of my childhood spent wishing for a less grown-up frame during childhood and my youth. It was especially difficult when I was shopping for the largest girls size or small/medium in the women’s section when I was just a large elementary schooler. I spent most of my teenage years wearing Old Navy shorts and switched to Levi’s after losing much of my excess weight and although I loved both brands’ pairs at the time, neither fit me the exact way I wanted them to. Now that looser, longer denim shorts are in the fashion mix, I thought I’d take advantage of the current trends and search for a perfect style and fit. I’ve loved every pair of Uniqlo pants I purchased within the past year, and the Uniqlo Boyfriend Shorts are my ultimate denim pick! The Uniqlo Boyfriend Shorts are made of 100% cotton without stretch, so they feel like true hard denim. They’re unforgiving on bodies that prefer elastane, but I picked one size up so I could wear them lower on my waist and even above my hips. My favorite characteristics of the shorts are that they’re neither too short nor too long and the legs are wide, leaving enough room for my legs to comfortably move around. Relaxed boyfriend fits seem to be the most universally comfortable and trendy so I can look and feel my best without sacrificing my body’s well-being! I wish the younger versions of myself had access to clothes that fit my body well back then!