Two Years After I Got My First Adult Job

Two years after my first adult job

Two years ago almost to the day I began my postgrad “career woman” (ick? why did I write that?) journey as I finally got hired for my first adult job. At that time I timestamped enough hours with Baylor Athletics I felt I’d already been a full-time worker, but alas I was just a wee lad with barely any experience. I will say my time with Baylor taught me so many lessons and greatly prepared me for my future jobs because even since then I haven’t had as much high-pressured work to do as I did in college. Last year on this day I wrote a summary of what my one year since graduating and getting my first adult job had taught me over numerous weeks. I went from sitting alone in an isolated cubicle without knowing what to do with myself in one organization to being bombarded with unwanted attention and supervisory malice at another workplace. And while the past two years since I was hired at my first adult job have brought me great anxiety, stress, and workplace trauma, I’ve learned a lot about myself, my boundaries, and what I can endure to do good work that helps people. Yes, at some point I was extraordinarily happy with my working environment and close contacts. One year ago I wrote “I’ve made so many friends at work who I truly believe will be in my life for the long haul, I come early and stay late by choice (every Wednesday is walk day with my friends!), my work has purpose, and I feel mostly happy every day. I didn’t think I’d be where I am one year ago, but I’m thrilled that I’ve grown and learned so much in such a short period and that I followed my heart to where I am today (even though it was the most afraid I’d been). Obviously no job or workplace is perfect, but I’m so thankful for mine.” Nowadays though I’ve learned enough about some of the people I’m surrounded by that workplaces are for completing tasks, helping clients, and going home as soon as every item on my to-do list is checked. I’ve learned it’s easy to become a quick target of malice from older women in particular (at least in my experience at multiple job sites) and that offices are essentially duplicates of high school. I truly try my best in every task to serve each client to the best of my ability and I’ve tried over the past year to distance myself from cattiness, bitterness, and animosity. I’ve trimmed my giant circle of trusted folks to a select group I actually enjoy working with and being around, but I don’t desire properly fitting in like I used to. I understand now that I’m not for everyone and that people will and do dislike me just for who I am and there’s nothing I can do to change their feelings. I used to believe that workplaces were for making friends, having fun lunches, and building camaraderie as much as possible, but that’s just not the case in most offices and that’s okay. Yes I have workplace trauma to eventually unload here, but for now on this anniversary of my hiring for my first adult job, I will continue to work as hard as I can and enjoy the time I have in my office with people I care about and who reciprocate the affinity.