Two New to Me Secondhand J.Crew Shoes

Secondhand J.Crew shoes

My dad has always loved thrift shopping at places like Savers, Plato’s Closet, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and smaller antique stores in town. He has a knack for snagging brand new pieces (often designer) at the lowest prices that most others wouldn’t find. Whenever he’d stop at Plato’s Closet in Waco, my mom and I would wait in the car—uninterested in browsing racks for an hour. However, I’ve recently fallen in love with buying clothes and accessories secondhand with my first in person thrifting adventure occurring when we last went to Texas in March (here’s my posts about day onetwothreefourfivesix, and seven) and I collected a list of vintage stores to try mostly in Austin (GAG). And while I love scouring lines of clothing in person here at home, my actual favorite way to thrift gorgeous clothes and accessories is on Poshmark. Holy shit, I could write a blog post essay about my devotion to the secondhand app and all its hidden treasures! I’ve almost exclusively shopped on Postmark over the last several months with two of my favorite finds being these two secondhand J.Crew shoes that I got new without tags! I’ve always loved J.Crew and for some reason, I still find the best pieces of theirs on Postmark for a fraction of the price. Each of my secondhand J.Crew shoes were less than $40 despite being brand-spankin’-new out of the box! The first pair I purchased were the pink, red, and blue pointy toe mules that fit perfectly into my closet full of mules. I like these ones because the colors match most of the clothes I already own and they’re my favorite style of shoe I always buy. Branching out a bit, I got these moody floral knotted kitten heels that are as comfy as any other pair I’ve tried on! Heels are some of my favorite types of shoes to look at and try on, but I’ve steered away from them over the past few years because I feel like they can be too fancy for day to day. However, kitten heels are the best compromise since they’re so tiny and effortless. I plan on wearing these shoes with a white eyelet dress and a camel sweater tossed over my shoulders as a pre-fall look!