Two New Politically Provocative Tees

Politically provocative tees from incense, trap, & yoga

I’m never one to shy away from sharing my opinions and/or emotions (you all know that by now), so it’s no surprise that I love outspoken apparel and accessories. I recently purchased the Exonerated Five tee from Park Madison NYC and I followed that buy with two new politically provocative tees from Incense, Trap, & Yoga. I’ve scoured this website for well over a year after I wanted to add more socially conscious pieces to my closet. I had already made purchased from Kiddbell, Greenbox Shop, and Headline Shirts, so I was already familiar with clothing that spoke for me. In an effort to match the main theme of my denim jacket pin collection, I finally decided to take the plunge and buy these two politically provocative tees that had been sitting in my online cart on the brand’s website for at least eight months. The first tee I bought is their No One is an Inmate shirt, which is based off of a James Baldwin quote of the same diction. I love this shirt because it precisely describes my feelings about incarceration and the way we as a society talk about people who are in prisons in only five words. The prison system itself already dehumanizes and brutalizes people within its walls and the language we use to talk about the groups of people imprisoned in facilities is less than stellar. This shirt perfectly sums up prison rights advocates’ determination to humanize incarcerated people once again and remind the world that no one can be generalized into the label of “inmate.” The second politically provocative shirt I purchased is The Justice System is Criminal tee. This shirt is special as well because it fights against the common notion that the criminal justice system is broken and simply needs to be reformed in order to operate in a more fair way. In reality, the justice system is not broken and is, in fact, working exactly the way it was intended: to criminalize and disproportionately target Black and Brown people. Funnily enough, I somehow managed to wear this shirt every time I’ve had dinners with my parents’ lawyer friends. Oh well, my opinions still stand!