Two Days of Valentine’s Celebrations

pancakes on day one of valentine's celebrations
Valentine's celebrations
Fish during Valentine's celebrations

My partner and I are big into celebrating every special occasion and holiday possible and Valentine’s Day is newly one of our favorite ones! Because tomorrow is the actual day, we wanted to fill the past two days with Valentine’s celebrations focusing mostly on delicious food and relaxation. We each chose a day this weekend where we could plan our own Valentine’s celebrations based on what the other person loves eating and doing! My day was yesterday and I decided to cook my partner some of the foods he enjoys most with an emphasis on customization that we could make together.

For breakfast I made us homemade pancakes, which surprisingly turned out amazing! I used this Good Old Fashioned Pancakes recipe and it was super easy to put together. For add ins I had chopped up strawberries, rainbow sprinkles, and mini chocolate chips and some whipped cream for the topping. My partner wanted strawberry and sprinkle pancakes and I put sprinkles and chocolate chips in mine. Can I just say that I’ve literally never made a good pancake before? Even when I use the box mixes my pancakes are either under cooked or charred on the bottoms. But these pancakes? They were absolute perfection! Crispy outside, fluffy and light in the middle, and perfectly sweet. I’ll definitely be making them again! Because we were full from the pancakes all day, we made homemade pizzas with pepperoni, bell peppers, mushrooms, pesto, and garlic. The pre-made crusts I bought were just okay, but the pizzas turned out delicious. We ate our pizza dinners with sparkling apple cranberry cider and made chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Day one of our Valentine’s celebrations was fantastic!

My partner initially told me we were going to Haleiwa for a super early breakfast today and we’d have dinner later in the night, but he surprised me with a day trip to Mauiā€”one of our favorite places! We figured out that if we split all of our meals, we can eat different dishes without getting too full. Of course we started the day with donuts from Krispy Kreme. For lunch we split a lamb burger from Ulupalakua Ranch Store & Grill and it was juicy and flavorful from the outdoor grill. After walking around and driving for a few hours, we had a beef and cheese arepa from Miss Arepa Maui right before the most incredible fish and chips I’ve ever had!!! We ate the fried ono from Maui Fish’n Chips in Kihei and somehow had enough space in our stomachs for Cold Stone (I love Cold Stone more than any other ice cream ever). The past two days of Valentine’s celebrations were wonderful and I hope you all have a day full of love and joy wherever you’re spending it tomorrow!