Two Classic Black Shoes Everyone Needs

Two classic black shoes

I haven’t made many clothing or accessory purchases within the past 8+ months as I attempt to increase my savings account balance prior to the start of student loan payments and New York in the next year or so, and not shopping is so difficult! I love buying outfits and fun handbags and all of the joy that comes with spending a day at the mall. However, I recently acquired two classic pairs of shoes that will forever be in style because of their timeless shapes and designs. I obviously still love my colorful heels and sparkly flats (they both go with everything as well!), but these two classic shoes are gorgeous enough to make me rethink my avoidance of all black outfits. I purchased the Cole Haan Suede Booties (leather version here) when I found them on sale at Nordstrom, so I definitely had to snag them. I somehow always find a new pair of Cole Haan shoes whenever I’m at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack and I hype them up enough to throw caution to the wind and immediately buy them. It probably helps that I’ve never had a bad experience with Cole Haan footwear despite having bought and worn at least seven pairs over the past few years (don’t worry, my spending habits have changed!). As one of two classic pairs in my recent purchases, I knew the suede booties would be perfect for fall through spring as they’re an excellent style to transition in each season. For fall, I would wear them with a long sleeve sweater dress, winter would see them worn over gray skinny jeans and my favorite leopard coat, and in the spring, they would pair perfectly with a denim mini skirt and flowy pink blouse. My mom bought me these J.Crew Mary Jane Pointy-Toe Flats and all I think about while wearing them is the Sex & the City episode where Carrie picks up the Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes when she’s working with that creepy man editor who lets her go through the Vogue closet. Anyway, these flats are the quintessential Mary Janes– patent, pointy toe, and perfect for every outfit.