Trying A New (To Me) Weight Loss Plan

Weight watchers weight loss plan

In the past, I’ve discussed at length all of the different fitness routines and healthy food ideas I was working on, but none of them stuck. I somehow always seemed to deviate from the grilled chicken salads and Planet Fitness workouts until I ballooned into the size and shape I am now. I know I’m not completely fat in most standards, but I’ve gotten to an unhealthy place where I don’t like how I feel or look and that’s not what should be happening. Instead of spiraling down a binge-eating/sleeping hole, my mom and I decided to try Weight Watchers as our new weight loss plan. I’m not trying to drop weight quickly using a diet and then instantly gain all of my fat back tenfold because of restricted eating and extreme hunger. My plan is to work on my fitness and health in a long term way by using the program as a motivation tool to keep me from stuffing my face with potatoes, pasta, and ice cream bars. When I started to become overwhelmingly stressed at the end of my last semester, I stopped going to Planet Fitness and ate most of my meals at restaurants or by picking up fast food with my friends because my school stress was through the roof. I of course still love eating all of my favorite greasy unhealthy meals, but weight loss and healthy fitness is my No. 1 priority (tied with finding a job…someone please hire me I’m broke) on which I hope to work throughout the summer. Weight Watchers is fun because it doesn’t constrict users to eating only certain foods, but it instead gives the freedom to choose all meals based on a helpful point system. Because I want to mainly focus on weight loss, I’m eating 23 points worth of food everyday with a surplus of extra points for each week so I don’t have to fret about going over my limited point number. I’ve only been on the weight loss program for a few days and while I haven’t noticed any differences yet, I love making healthier food choices and trying to create a better lifestyle that ultimately makes me feel good about myself.