Three Years of This Is Noelle

Today marks the third birthday of This Is Noelle on the old interweb! The past three years have been filled with immense change, lots of shopping hauls, friendship, vlogs, family time, graduations, sporting events, and weird instruments. Although blogging (almost) every day is like a full-time job, I’ve easily reaped the rewards of my hard work. This Is Noelle started off as an outlet for me to write about my newest favorite lipgloss or an eyeshadow hack I learned and has blossomed into a website where I can truly be myself. Going from a general beauty niche to one that mixes fashion and football has been an incredible change! My love of makeup and skincare hasn’t gone away, but this year, I’ve found it more exciting to write about how to style a tank top and every detail of Baylor football. Thank you so much to everyone who has read, commented, liked, and shared my posts either on Facebook, Twitter, or in real life. I love having a special space on the internet and I’m so thankful that you’ve all taken the time to invest in my daily activities. Here’s to the next year of This Is Noelle!